Fans under Attack……A Blogger’s Charter

At the moment Arsenal supporters are under attack, from the media, the club and fellow fans. We are variously labelled as ‘ungrateful’, ‘fickle’, ‘impatient’, ‘spoilt’ etc. etc. etc……. I’ll take those descriptions as along as no-one tells me or the other supporters that I know, that we don’t care. I do care; we do care; we care far too much. It’s not healthy, it’s not good for family life, it’s not good for the cat…..and there is sweet naff all we can do about it.

Blogging is just a microcosm of society; a mini world we inhabit as part of our thirst for involvement in the Arsenal, and as such it will have its extremists and those who need our help and support. The majority will occupy the middle ground and probably be dismissed as lacking in passion. As in life, the extremists appear to have the loudest voices and to be the most forceful and unrelenting in their views.

We have had a turbulent 12 months as supporters. We’ve experienced highs and lows, optimism and disappointment and we are likely to have a difficult summer ahead. There is already carnage on some sites fuelled by mischievous journalism and unsupported speculation.

So I offer the following simply as my guide to retaining some of our sanity………..

1. If anyone spends the time and effort to go to matches or if they are unlucky and that is not possible, so they watch games on TV and trawl websites seeking information and interaction with other fans, they ARE Arsenal supporters and no-one has the right to say otherwise.

2. There are no criteria that define one supporter as better than another. It’s great if a fan has supported the club for decades…. is a season ticket holder…. can name every player since the 60’s etc etc ….. but, they are no better than a 25 year old who lives in Asia and doesn’t have open access to the media.

3. Every blogger is entitled to his/her opinion and has the right to challenge and debate with others who hold a different view as long as there is a recognised point at which they have to agree to differ…..and that point is located before insults and claims of “not being a proper supporter” are bandied about.

4. Sarcasm is not clever unless there is wit involved. Irony is acceptable when it reinforces a point and is obvious to the reader.

5. The ethos of a site is defined by the site owner. Bloggers are guests on their domain and should abide by their rules. It’s O.K. to blog on a site that has a standpoint you fundamentally disagree with as long as rule No. 3. is observed. The site owner must assume ultimate responsibility for what appears on the site.

6. One blog site should not be used as a vehicle for attacking another blog site. The main objective has to be to discuss Arsenal. Attacks on individuals because of their views or any other issue are unacceptable.

7. It is never acceptable to suggest that a fellow Arsenal blogger should go and support S***s

8. Match predictions can never forecast a loss.

9. A sense of humour is essential.

10. People who submit headline posts should be showered with compliments and sycophantic praise at the brilliance of their words………………………..

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17 Responses to Fans under Attack……A Blogger’s Charter

  1. kelsey says:

    Good Morning,

    Rasputin you have concisely covered all the main points that shouldn’t really have to be explained to any reasonable like minded poster.Let’s stick to your principle and I will consider your points in more detail and any hidden meanings,when I awake fully. 😉

  2. Rasputin says:

    Hi kelsey,

    There are no hidden meanings. The whole point is that I am not into playing games – I mean exactly what I say!!!

  3. kelsey says:

    Point taken,and fully understood.

    I am no guru but what I said about RVP will not go away.I reportd last week that United were looking at him, and a number of tabloids are escalating the rumour today.

    RVP was meant to get assurance from Gazidis that we were buying quality players,BEFORE he renegotiated his contract,apparently wages not being the main issue.

    Dear Robin,
    in the 4 years you have been with us, you have been injured for approx. half the time,the club stood by you and i believe AW pulled you out of mediocrity.Either sign or leave,and it should be the club dictating the terms not you.

    No one is ireplacable, I think you are a great asset to our team,but make your mind up son.

  4. Rasputin says:

    Here here kelsey,

    I’m losing patience with people who look to blame others when they are a part of the problem. I’m hoping that the impression the media are trying to promote of RVP’s ‘attitude’ is a distortion and what he’s really been saying is…”I love the club and want it to achieve success” – I can’t blame a player like him who is now entering the middle of his career for wanting to win something, without ambition, he wouldn’t be competitive.

  5. peachesgooner says:

    Morning my little peachybums

    Thankyou Rasputin for your wise words on the difficult issues that blogging seems to throw up of late. We’re a passionate bunch of supporters always ready with gushing praise and scathing put-downs.

    One thing that is unusual about a blog site is that at any time there will be people watching yet not contributing to a discussion. One has the option of standing in a room full of people who are chatting and being completely invisible. Its a weird concept 🙂

  6. Rasputin says:

    I agree peaches – there’s something a bit ‘seedy’ about it don’t you think? Voyeurs are normally people who are on the outside – but not always it appears….

  7. rico01 says:

    Rasp – is it ok to email you please ??

  8. rico01 says:

    I have been deleted, no probs

  9. Rasputin says:

    You’re always welcome to email me rico – it would be my pleasure 😉

    The deletions are due to my indiscetions, nothing to do with you … 😳

  10. rico01 says:

    No probs, and thanks 🙂

  11. Big Raddy says:

    There I was, about to delete the Peaches Pad link and I thought ‘better check there is no activity’. This is not my normal practice. I have a tendency to be rash on the computer, which has led to the loss of both my photo and music libraries. If a machine asks me ‘Am I sure I want to take an action?’ my instinctive reponse is to stab a button in order to show who is Boss. Many, many hours have been spent regretting my rash behaviour and repairing the damage.

    But now, I take notice and have learnt to back-up, check, think, take my time, allow the programme to start up before losing my rag, and generally look both ways before I cross the road. I have become a ‘belt and braces’ man of the laptop.

    So ….. Good Day all. Thanks for the post Ras, as always (see Pt 10) it is a good read. and I particularly like Pt 8. Nice to be back at Peaches.

  12. Rasputin says:

    Morning Raddy,

    I think it is OK to keep this site ticking over – its not showing a lack of respect elsewhere but a place for friends to gather when we’re in the mood… 😉

  13. peachesgooner says:

    Morning guys

    How are you Raddy – thought of you last night, had ‘Duck Salad’ at the Orange Tree and the place was like a cattle market – its not so appealing in your fifties 🙂

    rasp – you should take a leaf out of Raddy’s book when trying to use obtuse web-sites 😆 😆 😆

  14. kelsey says:


  15. Anonymous says:

    Can you be signed out and comment

  16. peachesgooner says:

    No is the answer to that – you have to put in an email address

  17. kelsey says:

    So who is anonymous ?

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