London – this post is just until you put your match report up………….

So you all thought it was just an Arsenal blog but its an Arsenal blog filled with passion and fuelled by testosterone which simmers beneath the surface and every so often bursts onto the blog wiping the smile off my face. Poor me, I’m just trying to keep everyone together so that when we want to talk footie we have a place to do it.

One of my rules is that we don’t have unseemly arguments on the blog – if a blogger  has a non Arsenal related problem with another blogger then their comments will be removed. Yesterday ave and rasp got into a spat and I have removed all of their comments and those of a couple of others including me  that were around at the time.

I’m sorry if it spoiled the evening for the others who were around tryng to blog.

London – I’m looking forward to hearing how the fun was at the pub, please put your post up as soon as its ready, see you all in the comments.


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4 Responses to ARGUMENTS ‘R US………..

  1. peachesgooner says:

    Morning London – don’t panic, publish your match report when you’re ready 😉

  2. alfamilano says:

    Morning peaches.

    Dudu is out for the weekend and TV may have a broken bone in his leg 😦 . Let’s hope not.

    And Sky are showing the match in 3D 😕

  3. kelsey says:

    It looks like not many got to see the game on TV,and personally I thought on the second half display we should have won if we had taken our chances with a little more coolness.
    For those who didn’t see cesc’s run and then the ball hitting the post, it was a moment of magic.Eduardo is clearly not fit,and his instinct for shooting has deserted him,and he rather lays the ball off(same old,same old)>I said in commentary that I thought he twigged his hamstring,and apparently that is the case.
    Vermaelen i hear has a suspected broken leg, which was not apparent as he walked off. if so, that is 4 players this season with breaks. Unbelievable.
    Sol came in and did a good job. Both sagna and Clichy did not have their best games and Young tore rings round Clichy. Denilson, yet again offered little.Almunia made a fine save at 0-0 but again was vunerable to corners and missed three.Ramsey was OK,but we clearly miss Song.Nice to see Rosicky get stuck in, but twice he lashed at the ball instead of a controlled shot,both times should have been goals.Nicci came on, looked ring rusty but did his best.
    I disagree with Wenger.I thought it was an open game,no more physical than many, and both teams played good attacking football.Now we are really short of players before we play Unite, who will be walking on water after last night.
    A real dilemma for the manager,yet i still believe we are so near,but yet again could finish with nothing.If only we had bought cover for Song and a fit striker.

  4. London says:

    New post

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