Arshavin cost 80p

I am surprised, I don’t know why but I am surprised that there are still so many inaccurate myths doing the rounds about Arsenal’s transfer policy and no matter how hard I try to ignore them they still ruffle my feathers.

Top of the Pops at Arsenal are: we could have bought Alonso if only we had offered the asking price; next comes, the club refused to offer Flamini a new contract so he left to AC Milan and number one of my bug-bears is the idea that we almost lost Arshavin by holding out until the last minute for the best possible deal.

I can only assume that these rumours were started by people desperate to find something to write about on a slow news day, a kind of slow news day like today that I am using in an attempt to correct one inaccuracy in particular.

The Arshavin deal, in my opinion, is fundamental to understanding what the whole of the, post Abramovich, Arsenal transfer system has been forced to evolve into.

The central tenet of my argument is that it was Zenit, and not Arsenal, that kept the negotiations going until the last possible minute; the reason being that by doing so they hoped to attract other clubs for the purpose of creating an auction. It’s not rocket science, it really is quite easy, what possible reason could Arsenal have had to drag it out to the last minute?

To try and pay less than the asking price I hear you say……….Wrong.

There was never a fixed asking price for Arshavin, Arsenal being well aware of this offered what they thought he was worth, if Zenit had been successful in enticing Man City (a euphemism for any team with more money to spend that us) into the fray then we would have had no choice but to back out; so, with this possibility looming, why offer an unnecessarily high price from the outset.

I suggested a couple of days ago that some people (not on this site) seem to be under the delusion that buying players was as easy as buying apples and clubs like Arsenal, who have money in their pockets from the sale of other players, can simply waltz into any supermarket, chose a player within their budget, go to the check out and pay for him.

Continuing the theme: if the Arshavin deal was an apple in Tesco and it had a price tag of £1, it would be wrong to assume, as many do, that you could just pick it up, walk up to the check out and pay for it; you may be able to take it as far as the check out but you will not be able to buy it before Tesco have found out if Man City  are interested in buying it as well  and if they are then we all know that no matter how much Arsenal offer they will offer more. So, rather than suffer the embarrassment of losing an auction it surely makes more sense to give up any hope, there and then, and put the apple back.

Some may suggest that it might have been better to offer £1.25p for it at the beginning but even so, Tesco would still not have sold it to us before they were certain that Man City were not prepared to pay more.

The clever solution that Arsenal came up with was to pick the apple up and shout at the top of their voices, making everyone aware in the shop, that there was something wrong with it, in our case this took the form of Wenger commenting that he thought that “Arshavin lacked stamina” which was broadcast all over the media, with this doubt ringing in any other potential buyers minds Arsenal went ahead and offered 80p for the apple, accepting, that if Man city came in, then, so be it, but if they didn’t then Arsenal would know that we were the only club interested in buying this rosy cheeked Russian and Zenit would have no choice but to sell him to us at the price we were offering, which is exactly what happened…..we paid 80p for Arshavin, a clever bit of business if you ask me.

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87 Responses to Arshavin cost 80p

  1. London says:

    Morning all

    A little something that I hope you find entertaining on this slow, slow news day.

  2. London says:

    I will be handing out straws this morning, something that we can desperately cling to:

    Diaby is set for Stamford Bridge return.

  3. London says:

    Have you ever noticed how at the bottom of each new post wordpress suggests possibly related posts?

    How on earth did they come up with Egg Sandwich?

  4. Rasputin says:

    Morning London, excellent post 😉

    I hear all your points but would offer ‘another way’. Along with Raddy, you were suggesting that we should pay £40m for David Villa. Well Villa is a player that all the big spenders would be interested in. There is a sub-level of talent (like Chamakh) that does not attract the billionnaires but are the sort of raw product Arsene can uncover and allow to flourish. Hence my “I’d rather buy 3 players for £40m than one” comment.

  5. Rasputin says:

    Backtrack …. you were suggesting that we might be prepared to bid up to £40m for David Villa … 😛

  6. London says:

    Morning Rasp

    I understand why you say that and accept that your suggestion is more realistic……I was trying to offer a suggestion as to how we could get past the Billionaires in order to sign Villa and there is, in my opinion, only one way that this can be done and that is he announces that he wants to play for Arsenal and if he did that then I believe Arsenal would pay what ever it takes to get him…..long shot? Yes, but I have this straw in my hand and I am going to cling to it.

  7. peachesgooner says:

    Morning London – what a great idea, I love your amusing slant on things – cheered up my morning no end 🙂

    Being a sensitive soul I wonder how Ashavin felt to know that Arsene broadcast it around that ‘He lacked stamina’…………..

    I agree that if a player says he wants to play for us it could send out a clear message to other suitors…..

  8. peachesgooner says:

    I think we can do something about the ‘related posts’ – I’m not sure what though – might have something to do with tagging

  9. Rasputin says:

    Probably the top two criteria for players wanting to come to any club are salary and to win trophies … we would not be top of anyone’s list based on that. The main attraction of Arsenal is to work with Arsene and to join a club that really looks after its players, has a magnificent stadium and facilities and is one of the second tier bigger clubs in europe. So we should target players who are also not at the peak of their value – and actually we have no choice.

  10. London says:

    Morning Peaches

    Wenger said, I think, during the Euros that Arshavin lacked stamina after he played two games in a week: the first one he played like the awesome Arshavin we all know and the second he went missing like the other Arshavin we all know.

    Anyway, with the use of hindsight it seems to me that Wenger had ulterior motives for saying it, especially when you think how rarely he criticises a player….come to think about it I cannot think of a single other situation.

  11. peachesgooner says:

    I agree rasp that we don’t qualify on either of those criteria and that working with Arsene has to be top of our attraction but if it looks like the plan isn’t working doesn’t it affect the calibre of player that want to come to us.

  12. London says:

    The Egg Sandwich made me laugh, if I get really bored today I might even read it. lol

  13. peachesgooner says:

    Oh dear how complex – so if he says he likes a player we have no chance of signing him 😉

  14. London says:

    That way of looking at is probably true 😉

  15. peachesgooner says:

    I just had a look London and you’ll laugh when you read it – maybe we should all leave the guy some comments its been there since October – the 80p is relevant, very clever how wordpress picked it up ………

  16. chaf says:

    Good morning

    Two quick points, nice post, perhaps your talk of supermarkets and apples and an 80p price tag made someone think an egg sandwich would go well with an apple for lunch, unless Man City come in for it.

    As far as players joining Arsenal for money and trophies, I believe we are now a club that potential stars look at to work with, and use as a stepping stone to better their ability, and are off when thet reach around 25/26 years old. [with notable exceptions – compare the]..

  17. chaf says:

    Peaches – I didn’t see your 80p reference – honest

  18. peachesgooner says:

    Morning chaf – have a look, its even more spooky when you see what else hes written about considering our collective music industry connections……….

  19. peachesgooner says:

    No prob chaf 🙂

  20. Rasputin says:

    Morning chaf,

    I think the reasoning in your second paragraph was why Cashley, Hleb and Flamini left – I hope Cesc’s not going to be added to that list.

  21. London says:

    Morning Chaf

    Lock up your Egg Sandwiches

  22. peachesgooner says:


  23. London says:

    Hey Chaf

    I almost forgot, they are trying to come up with a name for this site, something more Arsenal centric, do you have any ideas?

  24. Rasputin says:

    London, we really need to expose your (and others) talents to a wider audience than PP attracts. We were thinking of going to the new site at the weekend because there will be plenty to talk about. We can make any adjustments/tweaks behind the scenes.

    If anyone has any strong feelings about a name please let us know. At the moment we are going with ‘Arsenal Arsenal’ and the slogan “by far the greatest team” underneath as we feel it will attract the mmost ‘surfers’. It wouldn’t take me long to change the graphic if anyone has a better name.

  25. London says:

    So Chaf

    Are you saying that we are a feeder club?

  26. Rasputin says:

    peaches – why don’t you put the ‘Arsenal Arsenal’ banner up at the top of this page for folks to see?

  27. chaf says:

    I hope not Rasp but it looks that way. Are you saying that there is no obvious reason for any ‘star’ to join us. it’s younger players on the up and want the best guidance. What a great school.

    London, Left my egg sandwiches in the bank years ago, still no omelette.

    Peaches, I read it, couldn’t get further than the mountain of debt the man has..?

  28. London says:

    I have seen it, but I think it is a good idea to put it up there now to force a reaction.

  29. Rasputin says:

    Didn’t work properly peaches – the peaches pad thing is ghosted over the top….

  30. London says:

    I can see it.

  31. irishgunner says:

    Ha ha loved the apple analogy London.

    Maybe you could just be like John Terry’s mum and run out of the shop without paying for the apple? Would that constitute a free transfer?

  32. peachesgooner says:

    Its up on here now……..

    In his previous post he said how he was selling CD’s on ebay…….

    No? Ok ….. I’m off for a while …….

  33. chaf says:

    London – as we all know its difficult to name something, I’d go for something off beat like “Frank McLintocks knees” or likewise. Something to keep to riff raff out and something that only true Arsenal supporters would recognise.

    “North by north Bank”… Its got me going now…

  34. chaf says:

    Peaches – oh yeah – trying to SELL music, I did see that, that reminded me of the good old days.

  35. London says:


    I knew that would get you going.

  36. London says:

    Morning/Night Irish

    “If John Terry’s mum and run out of the shop without paying for the apple? Would that constitute a free transfer?”

    That made me howl.

  37. Rasputin says:

    If you’re thinking that way chaf … I’m back to “Arsebunny” 😆

    The point is that we need contrary opinion to create a lively debate – it’s monitoring the way that it is expressed that is the hard part. No comments should ever be edited, but bloggers who step out of line should be binned quickly and sent an email.

    With peaches ‘diplomatic skills’ we can probably get links from one or two other busy sites that will attract views.

    Having ‘Arsenal’ as the first word is important if we want to be found easily by googlers.

  38. Rasputin says:

    Here’s a suggestion for a name that will ring in the ears of anyone who has ever walked from Finsbury Park to Highbury (or the Emirates) on a match day …. ‘Hats Scarves and Badges’

  39. Rasputin says:

    …… Alternatively, we can keep the site very select and only allow quality bloggers on if that’s what everyone would prefer?

  40. chaf says:

    Rasp – yes exactly right – I think to attract most bloggers you gotta make it obvious.

    Walking into highbury, I prefer,

    “Horse shit and hotdogs”

  41. chaf says:

    Not sure where my last message went but as you say, two routes, I suppose you have to make up your minds, as you are doing all the work!

    As for walking down to Highbury what about

    “Horse shit and Hot Dogs”

  42. London says:

    My vote, which I have just decided to award myself 😉 is that it is NN or bust.

  43. London says:

    Arsebunny……still makes me laugh

  44. irishgunner says:

    I don’t mind Rasp whether its open or closed.

    I have but one suggestion – that the term AKB is banned. Its childish and only offers confrontation and not debate.

    If ye don’t ban it then its fine by me just a suggestion.

    If ye want a relaxing read I took my mind off the Chav game by doing this:

    (the title in the link is wrong cos Baggio no2 wasn’t famous enough)

  45. Rasputin says:

    Sorry chaf, your last 2 comments went into spam – I have no idea why? – it’s a steep learning curve.

    Good for you London – I knew you’d aim high 😛

  46. London says:

    Horse shit and Hot dogs is Avenell Road…..why, why, why.

  47. Rasputin says:

    Hi Irish,

    Yes I thought that it was a gimme that we wouldn’t adopt any of the terminology from other sites. I don’t ever remember ‘AKB’ being used on AR.

    It suits us to have good relations with other sites even if we may not agree with their ethos. Personally I don’t mind other sites being referred to. Using the phrase ‘the other channel’ sounds like we’re a bit scared, but I wouldn’t want any slating of other sites. If people have a problem with another site they shoud post there and offer their argument – not snipe from another site.

  48. London says:

    I don’t think that it is necessary to ban AKB, it is so childish that only a minority of twelve year olds still use it.

  49. irishgunner says:

    Rasp – Agreed. I’ve told them what I think of the term AKB anyway. I don’t have any problems with any other blog anyway – each to their own. No need for slating anyone – each has their own view but as long as the blog here whatever it may be called will be for adult debate not childish name calling.

  50. Rasputin says:

    True London. As someone who has prided themselves on being a bit of a maverick and always bucked ‘the rules’ it is highly hypocritical of me to want stringent rules.

    I just think we need to spell it out to people what is not acceptable so that if they step out of line, we can nip it in the bud rather than having a tedious debate covering the same old ground as to why we won’t accept the phrase “Wenger is a ****” etc etc.

  51. Rasputin says:

    Once again Irish, you got there before me with that point 🙄

  52. irishgunner says:


  53. London says:


    It is a fine line that one, if it were my site I would not ban the c word, I would not use it myself and I would explain to anyone who did that women do visit this site and out of politeness we try to give that one a wide birth.

    To ban it means that people are put in mod and from what I can gather it is a nightmare getting them out.

    As to whether it is acceptable for people to say that Wenger is a **** I find it an interesting point of debate, I welcome that kind of tension. There is only one thing worse than having people like that on and that is to have a NICE site.

  54. Rasputin says:

    I understand what you are saying London – and I’m torn. On one hand, as you have said, we don’t want childish debate; on the other, we don’t want to scare off passionate bloggers.

  55. London says:

    It is easier to deal with childish debate than it is to attract passionate bloggers.

    I believe this point is critical.

  56. Rasputin says:

    Guys and gals, you should all know that ave has put a new post up on Avenell Road. I don’t know what his intentions are but it could change everything. I had a highly regrettable tiff with him on here, but we have since emailed one another and cleared the air.

  57. Rasputin says:

    I’m with you on this London, it’s just that I will not be able to spend this much time monitoring the site every day. I think its a gamble and one I’m happy to take as long as you folks are willing.

  58. London says:


    Before I go and have a look at it, I just want to say that tiffs happen as you well know and as you also well know people get over them. I wouldn’t give it another thought if I were you.

  59. Rasputin says:

    Thanks London 😉

  60. alfamilano says:

    Morning all.

    London, giving the c-word a wide ‘birth’ – was that a subtle pun for us all 😆

    Morning Chaf – do you know who I am?

    As peaches knows, for what it’s worth I like Arsenal Arsenal and I have one or two ideas about incorporating newsfeeds etc. that might persuade people to make the new blog their first or second port of call, not just for the wonderful writing. I still see this as very much someone else’s vision though and I think that is important.

    Re our spending policy, I agree with a lot of what London says, as usual, but I also wonder if AW and the board are certain that football is going to go into it’s own credit crunch soon and that when that happens , there will be a lot of bargains around.

  61. Rasputin says:

    Morning alfa,

    peaches is out for a bit this morning, but I’m sure she will respond as soon as she is able.

    Wide birth haha…. it was too subtle for me 😳

    I wouldn’t mind a bargain where Torres is concerned….

  62. London says:

    Hi Alfa

    I was too subtle for me as well 😉

  63. London says:

    I read an interesting article about the Bosman Ruling in the Times yesterday it pointed out that 87 players in La Liga will be free on to leave on the Bosman at the end of the season.

    Perhaps, as you suggest Arsene is waiting for that.

  64. Rasputin says:

    Do players actually cost less over the period of a contract if they are signed on a ‘Bosman’? Don’t they expect a big signing on fee and higher wages because they haven’t been bought from another club. I understand that totnum give all their players a signing on fee whereas we don’t.

  65. alfamilano says:

    Rasp, it’s all about cash. If a club can offer £10m in cash, right now, then it’s worth a lot more to a club in debt (ie most of them) than £20m spread over 5 years with appearance payments, deferred payments etc.

    I think the same would be true with Bosman deals. Would you rather take a job with someone who offered a great wage and a big cash signing on bonus, or someone who offered all sorts of ‘jam tomorrow’ incentives.

    I can’t recall if any of the current Portsmouth players came on Bosman’s, but Sol did effectively and he’s having to sue for his money, bless him.

  66. London says:

    I think spuds have to give a signing on fee, I mean, who in their right mind would want to play there if they didn’t, joke aside the point that the Times article was trying to make was that things are changing. Sol is a good example when he first joined Arsenal he got paid more than any other player, which was renegotiated after a couple of years to bring him in line with the rest, I think it is safe to say that he was just happy to have work when he joined this time, I realise that this is an extreme case but it does seem to reflect what is happening in more and more cases.

  67. Rasputin says:

    That makes sense alfa – I’m not very good at the financial stuff.

  68. irishgunner says:

    I’m off to bed guys but just on the theme ye are on, it is reported that Mido has joined West Ham and will get only £1,000 a week.

    What does that say about him and/or football?

    I mean there are lower league players getting more than £1k a week.

    On that note I bid ye goodnight.

  69. London says:

    Night Irish

  70. Rasputin says:

    ’til tomorrow Irish…..

  71. London says:

    A lot has been said about JET being able to afford a Mercedes Mclaren, not being a petrol head I had never heard of this car before but apparently this is all the evidence many people seem to need to conclude that our youth players are over paid…….didn’t any one stop to think that he may have got it on an HP arrangement; on that basis even Mido with his paltry £1000 per week would be able to afford one of them.

  72. Rasputin says:

    I think the value of the car was a side issue London, the main point was his decision to drive it without a full licence and then hiding so the police had to smash the windscreen. The insurance must have been £5k plus.

    From what I’ve heard he’s a really nice young man and I’m sure he has huge regrets. There’s little chance he could perform for us in the prem after this until the question of him going top prison is resolved. I suppose to be a striker/attacking midfielder, a player needs a testosterone excess, he just should have channelled it into his training.

  73. peachesgooner says:

    Hello – I’m back from one meeting and off out to another so I’ll have to catch up in a while.

    I got the joke about the wide berth 🙂

  74. alfamilano says:

    As a confirmed petrolhead I can say that the Mercedes McLaren is a step beyond even the usual Lamborghini/Ferrari fare. It’s about £300k and there aren’t that many around.

  75. Big Raddy says:

    Great joke about wide birth !

    On this front, I agree with London, I am loathe to stop swearing. I rarely use the “c” or “f” words myself, but accept that it is quite acceptable in todays street language.

    As to JET, the car is irrelevant. The man has no licence and as such should get the book thrown at him. Furthermore, the fact that he hid means that he knew he had committed a crime. The Club should show they find this unacceptable and fine him a months wages, plus make him play in the Youth team until season’s end.

    AKB? I think that the fewer ways to deter bloggers the better. I agree it is a simplistic term that can be used as an insult, but not everyone is as linguistically able as those on this site !

  76. Big Raddy says:

    Excellent post today London. There is so much nonsense talked about potential signings. It takes 4 to make a deal. The selling and buying clubs, the player and the players agent/lawyer. Any one of them disagrees and the deal collapses. The insane money involved is a direct reaction to the globalisation of football and market forces. Any transfer requires brinkmanship and good fortune.

    Peaches/Rasputin. Well done on the header …. it is really good

  77. Rasputin says:

    Thanks Raddy,

    It looks like the consensus is not to ban offensive words – just to dissuade offensive blogging 😉

  78. Rasputin says:

    Incidently, a message from ‘Lofty’ = my gravatar ….. it’s not that I’m lacking in stamina, it’s just that I’ve got ‘ickle legs 😛

  79. peachesgooner says:

    London – are you ok with sticking to this format and just changeing the header and the name – we’ll have a new site address – one that doesn’t say peachesgooner in it – but thats quite simple to do. I’ll leave a forwarding address on Peaches Pad 🙂

  80. London says:

    I haven’t commented because I didn’t think that it was my place to do so. I have no problem at all with the idea….I like the “By far the greatest team” part. I am still getting used to Arsenal Arsenal.

  81. alfamilano says:

    Peaches, for what its worth, it all looks good to me.

  82. peachesgooner says:

    Thanks alfa – I’ve asked you a couple of questions on………ummmmmmm…….I can’t remember where now, one of the other sites about putting a link on a post on this page – Peaches Pad – when we go live on the new page. Don’t need to know right now – sometime tmoro will do if you get the chance to have a look.

    Also I need to be able to hide ‘Arsenal Arsenal’ behind the current title so that the site is called ‘Arsenal Arsenal’ but the lettering doesn’t show.

  83. peachesgooner says:

    London – you can comment on anything you want to comment on – theres no restriction 😀

  84. London says:

    I think most people use Firefox here, have you tried pressing f11, it opens up the whole screen. You probably already know this but it is like Christmas here for me.

  85. peachesgooner says:

    I’ve sorted the lettering behind the header so thats ok.

    What do you use F11 for – and why is it like Xmas London?

  86. irishgunner says:

    NEW POST!!

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