Total Arsenal’s stats post

It is still very early, but how does Arsenal compare to our nearest competitors in the PL for next season?

In the first TotalArsenal post for ‘ArsenalArsenal’, I focussed on the position of our manager and came to the conclusion we should let him complete his mission to turn us once again into the top team we all crave for. In the second TotalArsenal post, I focussed on the positives within our, young and quickly developing squad and why there is plenty to be upbeat about for next season. In this post, I will focus on the positions we and our competitors are in, by focussing on the key areas of: squad, manager, transfer potential, and previous success/confidence levels. The comparisons below are of course not the pinnacle of scientific analysis, but should help to start a good debate about where we are compared to our competitors at this ‘early stage of next season’.

I have translated the above comparisons into a points table (1-5: 1 = low and 5 = high):

To me the table shows we are in a decent-to-good position compared to our competitors at this stage of the season. If we can get a few quality additions to the team, and Wenger and his staff can rebuild our brittle confidence levels again over the summer, we will be competing again for next year’s PL title.

TotalArsenal, 30 May 2011


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